Artist of the Week: Plastic Caramelo

Artist: Plastic Caramelo
Genre: Electro/Glam/Dancehall
Country: USA/Colombia

There is not much I can say about Plastic Caramelo, but their first song by the same name is on fire! I visit La Onda Tropical every day and I found a website link about this great act from New York that bet for a new sound called Glampeta (Glam + Champeta). The blogosphere has noted the act’s similarity to M.I.A., that by itself should convince you to at least click on their MySpace. If you are a DJ I’ll guarantee this track will get the partying crowds banging. All three writers of Club Fonograma enjoy the great vision of Naty Botero, another great Colombian artist that carries this fluorescent sound. Having Plastic Caramelo featured on our favorite section of the blog with only one song released is risky, but having one of the best singles of the year has earned them our confidence.