Suspension of Disbelief: Video Bizarro #2

"El Avion se Cae", Calle 13 (Manson766, YouTube)

We are extremely anxious to hear the first single from Calle 13’s Los de atras vienen conmigo, which features Café Tacvba, double orgasm. Residente o Visitante, their previous album, was undeniably the very best production of 2007; the bar was raised so high it brings uncertainty and reservation from our part. But for now we have to go back to that urban experimental masterpiece and its wackier track: “El avion se cae”. A song about an overdose resulted from mule smuggling converted into illusionistic paradise through sexual misconduct, economic classes and a whole zoo orgy. The YouTube profile “Manson 766” has taken the initiative to make a video for it with no budget but a lot of imagination. Raymond is one heck of an entertainer, taking the song to a whole new level of bizarreness. Alright, the plane has finally crashed.