Best Songs of 2008 So Far Vol.2

2008 Half-Year Roundup

Vol.1 - Songs #30-21

20. “Celebra la vida”, Axel
From: Universo (Sony)

Para muchos Axel no pasa de ser un cantante demasiado dulce, no apto para diabéticos musicales. Pero “Celebra la Vida”, una canción positiva a la “Color Esperanza”, logro enrutarlo hacia otros rumbos. Es una delicia escuchar como el Charango marca el ritmo de la canción. (Paulo Correa)

19. “Laydown”, Chikita Violenta
From: The Stars and Suns Sessions (Noiselab)

The Stars & Suns Sessions is truly complex album, it is extremely hard to digest but once it gets you, is hard to make it stop. Second official single “Laydown” is their finest hour of new wave, not just in music but also registering the themes imposed by the revolutionary musical movement. Chikita Violenta is an ambitious band that is universally appealing; “Laydown” might just bring them the attention needed to take another step. (Carlos Reyes)

18. “Left Behind”, CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)
From: Donkey (Sub Pop)

This band is proving to be one of the only alternative imports from Brazil, a country categorized for the high demand of roots music. “Left Behind” actually sounds like your teenage pop star song, eventually getting into Bjork territory, but you won’t care at the end as the song is catchy as fire. Cansei de Ser Sexy rocks! (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

17. “Tem que ser voce”, Victor & Leo
From: Ao Vivo Em Uberlandia

Una balada en portugués, cantada por dos hermanos representantes de la movida “Sertaneja”, algo así como el Country de la región de Sao Paulo en Brasil. Grandes voces en una buena canción. (Paulo Correa)

16. “Hansel y Gretel’s Bollywood Story”, Porter
From: Atemahawke (Tercer Piso)

One of Porter’s most psychedelic pieces, their interpretation of the classic children’s book is alarming and orgasmic. Bollywood is a great host but the siblings are still invaded by tragic. Juan Son is a master of tales and the artwork in Atemahawke signals an unconventional creative writer that is able to circuit through different art media. “El mundo es cruel, te va a comer, si tu antes, no lo atacas a el.” (Carlos Reyes)

15. “Politik Kills”, Manu Chao
From: La Radiolina (Nacional Records)

Ever since I played this song from La Radiolina, I can’t stop thinking about its resemblance to M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes.” Both are political songs that do their job without been cheesy or trying to change the world with melodrama. (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

14. “Bonita”, Cabas
From: Amores Dificiles (EMI)

Romántica, rítmica y melodiosa. Cabas nos demuestra en esta canción como se escribe sobre el amor sin llegar a ser cursi. (Paulo Correa)

13. “Normal”, Ximena Sariñana
From: Mediocre (Warner)

This was supposedly the first single from Mediocre, which always felt too risky and dark to be truth. “Normal” was released as an internet single and has quickly and deservedly overshadowed the not-so-good “Vidas Paralelas.” (Carlos Reyes)

12. “Carmensita”, Devendra Banhart
From: Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon (XL Recordings)

Hippies get up! Banhart is back with another hit from his awesome latest album, exploring the Spanish language again, much more fluent this time. “Carmensita” works on all levels, and especially visually with that extraordinary music video honoring bollywood. (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

11."Algun día”, Julieta Venegas feat. Gustavo Santaolalla
From: MTV Unplugged (Sony BMG)

Banjo, xilofono, y tuba no son instrumentos tipicos en una cancion pop. Julieta sabe como hacer para sonar diferente en una canción esplendida que evoca los sonidos de la música tradicional mexicana, esta vez junto al maestro Santaolalla. (Paulo Correa)


  1. I ADORE Devendra Banhart! my favorite track from his album is actually "Cristobal" featuring Gael Garcia Bernal.

    Perdon Pablo, pero no soporto la vision tan borrosa y melosa de Axel.

    The rest is great tho.. !

  2. Sabía que incluir "Celebra la vida" iba a generar alguna polémica. hahaaha

    Como puse en los comentarios, se trata de una canción muy dulce, no apta para diabéticos. Tal vez es ese tipo de canciones que se quiere o se odia profundamente, pero al final, es una buena pieza pop.

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