Best Songs of 2008 So Far Vol.3

2008 Half-Year Roundup

Vol.1 - Songs #30-21
Vol.2 Songs #20-11

10. “Me hice cargo de tu luz”, Lisandro Aristimuño
From: 39 Grados (Los años luz)

Unlike the folk of Chetes, Lisandro Aristimuño is a maximalist; one that plays with limits and imposes its own musical regulations. The warmth of his singular voice is particularly intriguing in this poetic song. The instrumentals are top notch, production is ridiculously sublime and the lyrics are just meant to transcend through time. (Carlos Reyes)

09. “Vivir es fácil”, Los Fancy Free
From: Never Greens Vol.2 (Silicone Carne)
MySpace Video/MySpace

If you have not heard of Los Fancy Free yet, I suggest you go look for them quickly, and if possible try to attend one of their crazy concerts. “Vivir es facil” puts sound to simple things on life. A very accessible song that weights tons in my life right now, it might just be the cure for stress. (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

08. “Borrón y cuenta nueva”, Adriana Lucia
From: Nuevo Porro (EMI Music Colombia)
MySpace Video/MySpace

Carlos Vives compone y produce un apasionado tema a ritmo de Porro, el aire elegante de la Cumbia folclórica, pero esta vez acompañado por arreglos contemporáneos que mezclan los clarinetes y bombardinos con instrumentos eléctricos. Adriana Lucia es una artista que promete. (Paulo Correa)

07. “Palmitos Park”, El Guincho
From: Alegranza! (Discoteca Oceano)

El Guincho is a total breakthrough with music buffs all around, and I can’t help but join the crowds celebrating the percussions. Standout track “Palmitos Park” is fucking majestic simply because it’s like nothing we’ve heard before. El Guincho knows how to electrify his music and still keep the tribal spirit. (Carlos Reyes)

06. “Tijuana Sound Machine”, Nortec Presents Bostich + Fussible
From: Tijuana Sound Machine (Nacional Records)

I thought it would be impossible for Nortec to surpass the quality of their Tijuana Sessions; their new album is about as perfect as it can get. “Tijuana Sound Machine” is a highly energetic dancehall that really lights the accordion as its protagonist. (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

05. “Conteo Regresivo”, Gilberto Santa Rosa
From: Contraste (Sony International)

La salsa romántica siempre ha sido mirada con recelo por los seguidores de la salsa dura. Pero canciones como esta hacen que hasta el más tradicional se quede sin argumentos. Gran letra, gran melodía, excelente grabación, y unas vocales increíbles de Santa Rosa. (Paulo Correa)

04. “El Reloj”, Jóvenes y Sexys
From: Bruno EP (Poni Republic)

This is one for the ages, rarely do we get a pop song with this much charm and conceptuality. The Venezuelan duo makes a thrilling first impression with their Bruno EP. The clock starts and makes an appearance throughout the entire song, giving it guidance until it finds a substitution, the clapping. Finding Jóvenes y Sexys had the same impact on me as finding about Juana Molina; know that her album Son changed my perspective on music. (Carlos Reyes)

03. “Shiva”, Austin TV
From: Fontana Bella (Terricolas Imbeciles)

According to my iPod, Fontana Bella is the most played album of this year. The attention they are getting should come as no surprise, their Coachella performance was amazing and I can only imagine how big they’ll be in a few years. “Shiva” reunites all they got to offer, take it. (Jean-Stephane Beriot)

02. “Ta perdoado”, Maria Rita
From: Samba Meu (Warner Music Brasil)

Una canción realmente encantadora. La interpretación, la letra y la melodía son tremendamente limpias. Una delicada muestra de la música contemporánea brasilera, que supera las barreras del idioma. (Paulo Correa)

01. “Mas que a nada en el mundo”, Austin TV
From: Mas que a nada en el mundo OST (Terricolas Imbeciles)

Starts with an excerpt from a film by the same name in which a girl questions her mother’s affection towards her; sometimes as if she was invisible, others as if she was the only thing in the world. The band’s sensitivity is magical, mystical, and maternal. A track that functions as a meditation towards parenthood, with notes that portray and understand a child’s disconcert to the unknown. “Mas que a nada en el mundo” is a mesmerizing travel to the sometimes cruel of coming of age while still holding a piece of innocence with us. (Carlos Reyes)


  1. Oh choosing just 10 songs was sooo hard for me... must give honorable mentions to:

    * "Diamante", Nuuro
    * "Millon de Primaveras", Vicente Fernandez
    * "El Mareo", Bajofondo feat. Gustavo Cerati
    * "Paradise", Ana Laan
    * "Tengo tantas ganas de ti", Arcangel
    * "Un beso de desayuno", Calle 13

    I expected either Paulo or Jean to include Bajofondo on their lists, they didn't, perhaps assuming I would hahha. I put these posts together but it felt wrong for me to change my picks after seeing theirs...

    Los Fancy Free. I thought they would release a video for "El Mundo Me Espera." Which is a better song btw.

    Adriana Lucia has charm.

    Big surprise to see both Jean and I going nuts over Austin TV. Nice to see it was with 2 different songs from 2 different albums.

  2. Great electic list guys!

  3. great eclectiv list, El Guincho!