Artist of the Week: Marta Gomez

Artist: Marta Gómez
Country: Colombia
Genre: Folk/Pop/Jazz

Marta Gomez is Colombia’s best kept secret and in my opinion the best female solo act from a country that is showing all the signs of a healthy music industry. Based in New York she is the definition of folk, not through traditional oriented lyrics but through her angelical voice that immediately makes us travel to a NY/Colombia midpoint. A few years ago a friend brought me her album Cantos de Agua Dulce (2003) and I immediately fell in love with the stories, the delicate guitar arranges and the bass-flute dominance in the background. It’s been 3 years already since her last production (Entre Cada Palabra, 2005) but she is again getting the deserved attention as her song “Paula Ausente” was recently included in the soundtrack of Capadocia, the first HBO production in Latin America. If you’re into Maria Rita, Liliana Herrero, Mercedes Sosa, Lila Downs or Magdalena Matthey, this is the time to get on the Marta Gomez bandwagon.