Artist of the Week: Vanexxa

Artist: Vanexxa
Country: Spain
Genre: Rap/Pop

Here we have one of the most exciting solo acts from Spain; Vanexxa is a progressive rapper and vocalist with a sometimes crude vision on womanhood. Her 2006 debut album Vanexxa Se Rompe o Se Raja was hardly heard outside Spain, sadly since it was a truly exciting first album. She maintains a bold and wild vision on immigration in the track “Superguay” and “Cuentos Chinos”, a self-protective song on machismo. The comparisons with La Mala Rodriguez are inevitable, but Vanexxa’s voice is so versatile that she is not only great at rapping but also success with ballads and edgier rock songs. Not only is she talented, but her beauty is simply astonishing. A new album was announced for September, but there are rumors it would be delayed as the powerful label Sony/BMG already has its eye on her.