Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coachella 2011 Lineup

After an all-star lineup last year, Coachella has now announced the official band list that makes up 2011’s lineup. The three-day fest celebrated on April 15-17 is leaded by Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West and The Strokes. It’s now a regular thing to include Latin acts, we can always expect a few, and this year isn’t the exception. The big name among the Latin bands is Caifanes, the legendary Mexican band had been rumored for a while, it’s now official (they will also perform at this year’s Vive Latino). Colombia’s Bomba Estereo & DJ Erick Morillo, LA's Ozomatli, PuertoRican-American Omar Rodriguez Lopez, Chile’s Los Bunkers, Brazil’s Cansei De Ser Sexy and Spain’s Delorean are the other bands listed from our region. Congratulations.


  1. And... as usual, Coachella is so late on things, they haven't discovered Club Fonograma yet.

    But that's really cool for Caifanes, I loved them, hated their Jaguares era, but Caifanes, the real deal (unlike their fellow Heroes del Silencio or Mago de Oz), this guys do deserve to be there.

    Now, when do we get a Zurdok reunion? Come on!

  2. They should've added some other band in there to tell the real story of today's revolutionary Latin bands... I don't know, someone like Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, El Guincho or Javiera Mena.

    But I actually don't dislike any of the names in there, so that's cool.

    I was there for the Porter / Austin TV shows, sucked big time. So maybe it's cool that they put on the experienced people.

    #VicenteFernandez #CoachellaNeedsYou

  3. Well, Saul Hernandez went through like 40 surgeries to recover his voice. That's scary, and I want to hear it. They were nice. See, there are bands that history just got all wrong. Such as Heroes del Silencio or Fabulosos Cadillacs, they're gross... on the other hand, Caifanes or Los Prisioneros were the real deal!

    Yay for Bomba Estereo. I actually was almost convinced Hello Seahorse! was gonna make it, saw in a couple of fake posters and everything.

  4. you always forget some bands, what about The Twelves and Emicida?

  5. you missed drum-n-bass legend DJ Marky from Brazil.

  6. this poster needs Rita Indiana y Los Misterios!!!

  7. yeah they're right, you miss some bands, why haven´t you updated this?