Video: Tron - "Wini Cooper"

Attention: this video might disturb you. Tron is the new band by Alejandro Tonella, who has recruited recruited two allies, Ana & Melon, to make the ultimate pig-themed grindcore punk band. These guys put on pig heads and put on the bloodiest, most explicit shows, which are also, very entertaining. Part of our staff felt a bit hurt by this video, totally understandable under vegan sensibilities, by even they acknowledge the clip’s powerful images. “Wini Cooper” happens to be a pretty awesome song as well; it’s as raw and explosively violent as its video, and we can’t help but be reminded of the great (and now inexistent) Maniqui Lazer, who also happened to be from Mexicali, Baja California. You gotta love the ultra-girly font that reads: “No animal was hurt during the shooting of this video.”