MP3: Simmur - “El Sueño”

Simmur - El Sueño
Track from: Simmur EP

There’s nothing dreamy about Simmur’s “El Sueño”, it’s rather uplifting. This up-and-coming band from Mar del Plata (Argentina) takes the standard pop blueprint, yet manages to make it palatable through careful stylistic approach. “El Sueño” out of their debut self-titled EP is dramatic when it needs to be and showy when you least expect it. Like Chile’s Fother Muckers or Mexico’s Enjambre, Simmur gets nostalgic with its choices, they’re selective hooks and end-of-an-era lyricism (“una cancion desde ayer”) speak of a band that has reached the right amount of emotional input. The band's melody skills and cool aesthetics are enough for us to keep an eye on their forthcoming full-length.

♫♫♫ “El Sueño”