Video: Adanowsky - "Un Sol Con Corazón"

Adanowsky takes on the roles of actor, writer, and director in “Un Sol Con Corazón”, easily, the best music video in his career. Shot across some very vivid Mexican cities, he takes the character of ‘Amador’ straight to the heart. This is the third single out of his latest album Amador. The initial black & white sequence shows this heartthrob approaching a beautiful woman; he first excuses himself, and later asks if she could immortalize that encounter with a kiss. What follows is a sort of Forrest Gump odyssey, except everything’s bright here and he doesn’t loose the boots for a second. Following the Run Forrest Run! Sequence, he foreshadows a future without this woman, and although full of beautiful landscapes, he would be eternally lost. Chasing love sometimes does feel like aging, Adanowsky envisions such feeling with a flourishing red rose.