Featured: Ximena Sariñana - “Tu y Yo”

Featured: Ximena Sariñana - "Tu y Yo"
Warner Music

Mexican songstress Ximena Sariñana is preparing the release of her second album, out later this year on Warner Music. It will be the follower to her triumphant first record Mediocre (2008), one of the most critically acclaimed debuts in the past decade. Over the past three years she’s been working on movies, making self-discovery trips through Omar Rodriguez’s bands, supporting up-and-coming artists (Daniela Spalla, Alex Ferreira) and crafting what will also become, her first record in the English language. Judging from what we heard during her latest U.S. tour, the pop-melody magic and piano-led warmth will translate effortlessly.

“Tu y Yo” (produced by Natalia Lafourcade) is one of Ximena’s favorite songs on the new album, and also, the only Spanish-language track. The song’s old-school entrance is mournful and immediately fading, a few seconds away, the melodic progression turns into a delicate piece full of emotional & melodic shifts. The song is sometimes affectionate, sometimes devastating (“en esto del amor no hay mas que un corazon”), it shines, dissolves and slowly fades away beautifully. Lafourcade is turning into a multi-dimensional producer, one that knows how to withhold and surrender resources to beautiful love songs.

Lyrically, Ximena’s gorgeous imagery tells the story of a fragile couple; when he flies, she runs, when he drowns, she swims. “Tu y Yo” is exactly that, an emotional breakdown of a couple’s courtship, the trajectory of catching up with love. Under the production work of Lafourcade, David Sitek (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs) and Greg Kurstin (Lilly Allen, Ladyhawke, Beck), Ximena seems to be on her way to international success.

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