Video: Linda Mirada - "José"

About two years ago, Linda Mirada had everyone dancing to her hit “San Valentin”, a song that profiled her as one of Spain’s new pop sensations. That track’s popularity and unforgiving catchiness also became an evil shadow on the rest of the album (China Es Otra Cultura). “José” has been rescued by this very cool video featuring 80s-Television aesthetics and some very well-behaved kids. I think we all have a hyperactive Jose in our lives; this song does a good job describing him. Linda Mirada signed to Discoteca Oceano last year, the house that launched people like El Guincho, Joe Crepusculo and Los Massieras to international success. According to PlayGround, the label will release a remixes EP next month, which will include a remix by Ruby Sun’s Ryan McPhun.