New Single: Francisca Valenzuela - "Quiero Verte Más"

Francisca Valenzuela
"Quiero Verte Mas"

Track from: Buen Soldado
The beautiful and very talented Chilean singer-songwriter Francisca Valenzuela promised a new record this year, and she unveiled the album’s first single “Quiero Verte Mas” a few days ago. The catchy track off her second album Buen Soldado went out to radio stations across the continent today.

Like many of her contemporaries (Ximena Sariñana, Carla Morrison, Christina Rosenvinge), Valenzuela’s gifted vocals are hardly captured on record; her instrumentalist abilities and ownership of her composition are best showcased on stage, but as Muerdete La Lengua showed, a good harmony of the elements can add up to something beautiful too. This piano-led single sparkles the second it starts and is beautifully executed by Francisca’s soulful sensibilities, after all, she is the most glamorous pop artiste in Latin Pop.