Feature: Torreblanca - "Defensa"

Featured: Torreblanca - "Defensa"
Defensa EP, Independiente

Torreblanca es una banda.
It’s been a while since we got to write about our dear Juan Manuel Torreblanca, people could say we’re bias for obvious reasons (he’s one of us) but such assimilations can be easily wiped out if you actually listen. Truth is, we’ve been fans for years (if you search you’ve found some stuff we wrote way before he joined us), and it’s finally great to see he will be releasing something. He’s one of those individuals with the whole artiste package, singer-writer-illustrator-multi-instrumentalist-sweetheart, and a great friend. The project is getting a formation under Torreblanca, turning into a band or something very close to it.

Seriously, it felt like a long time but he’s finally doing it, he’s releasing his long awaited Defensa EP and we’re really excited about it. He’s got that deep range rarity in his voice, truly heart-trenching lyrics and a humble but projective aura. After performing with the lovely Natalia Lafourcade for quite some time, it’s time to take on the challenge. “Defensa” is the title track and first cut from the upcoming EP, let me tell you it’s weird (in the kindest way). A few weeks ago when he shared it with us he did warned us about it, it’s a poignant and bold piece aware of its own shadow, “no te sorprendas si me voy volviendo un poco extraño.” It took a few spins for it to reveal itself as an elaborate, eye-popping dazzling song.