Travelling Partners Vol. 2, DJ Raff

DJ Raff is on the short list for Best DJ of Latin America, after the brilliant Travelling Partners the Chilean disco-stylist has extended his multi-national journey releasing Travelling Partners Vol.2. This is a consequence of DJ Raff and its surroundings, in this case, his encounter, confrontation and compromise with the cities of Santiago, Mexico City, Paris and Berlin. Vol.2 reassures what we already knew; DJ Raff is in full command of his skill and scratching funk and smooth surfaces alike. This is a warm set already in the mood to acclimate its listeners.

There are plenty of grooves here to go around its sketchy but towering form. Best of all, it keeps that pedestrian quality of the man walking through the city, and progressing into something else. First track “Turista Espacial” sets the intention, DJ Raff navigates through the 8-pieced album with stunning confidence. Among its pieces, one can find legendary Jorge Gonzalez collaborating his signature vocals in “Electricidad.” Global Pop for day and night dreamers, musical adventure at its highest realm.

Download Travelling Partners Vol.2