The Stylus Decade

As I've said before, prior to my work at Club Fonograma I was a writer for Stylus Magazine, an online music zine which published between 2002 and 2007. Last year, after looking at a few decade-ending lists with massive disappointment, the Stylus cast decided to reunite for a one-off project to celebrate our favorite albums/songs of the past decade. And after many hours of writing, editing, web formatting, and general tomfoolery, the fruits of that labor are being revealed piece-by-piece starting today. Posted already are albums and songs ranked from #100-80 which include more than a few surprises, the most relevant of which being Club Fonograma's #1 song of the past decade, "Al Siguiente Nivel," placing at #83 (!) on the list. So go ahead and take a look around, I mean, any list that includes Javiera Mena just HAS to be good. After you download the latest Fonogramaticos first of course...

As for this site, we've got a few more cumulative lists of our own coming up that we're more than sure that you'll be excited to see. Saludos.

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