Red Bull Panamerika 74: Bands to Watch 2010 by Club Fonograma

You know how they say one sounds different on record-microphone etc? It’s true! It’s pretty awkward but awesome at the same time, especially if you’re speaking up for something you’re passionate about. I’m a shy kid; I never really speak up, writing is the comfort. So when the nice people from Panamerika (los panas de America) asked me to do a phone session with them, I was worried. Nonetheless the idea was wonderful, making a list of Club Fonograma’s Bands to Watch 2010. Sweet! When they called I was nervous, but I had a blast, and those people are amazing. So go on and listen to the songs (they're hot!), that’s the important part of the whole thing.

Red Bull Panamerika #74: Bands to Watch 2010.
María y José – “Oye Satanás”
Esteman – “La cosa tropical”
Astro – “Mono Tropical”
Carla Morrison – “Buena malicia”
Rita Indiana y Los Misterios – “La hora de volve”
Torreblanca – “Defensa”
Capullo – “Merequeteke”
Ceci Bastida – “Como soy”
Lido Pimienta – “La rata”
Los Macuanos – “Las memorias del faro”
Philipina Bitch – “Aplasta tu generación”
Yo! Linares – “Unos amigos, unos vatos, unos güeyes”
Los Mil Jinetes – “Tarde muy tarde”
Protistas – “Videocamara”