Featured: Pernett - "Perikitus!"

Sometimes I write good things on Twitter; recently I described Pernett’s “Perikitus!” as a track as waterly delicious as Animal Collective’s “My Girls.” And that could be read as a stretch from my part, because one song is about birds and the other about capturing our current state of individualism, see they’re not too far away from each other, and yes they run through the same vein music-wise. Pernett sings about Colombia in the most colorful and embryonic ways. If your ears need some refreshment, Pernett’s latest El Mago is for you. But we’ll get to the whole album soon; in the meantime let’s get to one of my favorite songs of the moment, and one of the very best from our Fonogramaticos Vol..6 compilation.

“Perikitus!” is a fascinating poetic piece about birds, wings and colors. “Vuelan periquitos sobre Barranquilla, cometas de colores que el cielo estampillan, flores del viento que cantan felices…” That phrase alone should be enough to stimulate the senses, if not, force your way into it, at this point what’s important is to get you floating one way or another. It’s the sound fluttering its surrounding space, a kind of self-aware beauty that celebrates its own march; notice the fireworks between the song’s layers, notice its whimsicality! This is flat-out gorgeous. I found this video over at YouTube, which Pernett uses as visual background for his live shows, very fitting.