Julieta Venegas - "Bien o Mal"

Julieta’s first single from her upcoming Otra Cosa is now available for streaming at her MySpace. We love her good taste, her songs, but also her nice little gestures; like keeping MySpace at top when it comes to music discovery. While it’s true the social network has decayed into its dummy glitter, “Get ripped without ‘rods” ads and Java contamination, our theory is that it’s going back to its basics, as a platform for emerging bands. Back to “Bien o Mal”, sounds great so far. Considering our staff picked up “Lento” as her career-best moment, this new single is sounding very attractive. Oh, and wonderful back vocals by Miranda!’s Alejandro Sergi! A nice love song framed by warm accordion airs and popping synths, "todas estas melodías no decían nada y ahora dicen mas.”