Our most awaited releases of 2010

Rita Indiana y Los Misterios. If justice is done, Rita Indiana and her crew will be so big this year. She already owned much of 2009 and we went even further to include “La Hora de Volve” as one of the songs of the decade, and we don’t regret it a bit. We can only compare this momentum and clear-minded revelation to that of Calle 13 back in the 2004-2005 transition. We’ve exposed “Jardinera” and “La Hora de Volve” on its final stage, and we’ve offered you two other unfinished cuts from the album, “El Blu del Ping Pong” and “Equeibol”, that’s four wonders already. As if it wasn’t enough to keep the excitement, “Da Pa Lo Do” and “Que Bueno Ta Ete Pai” are killing us, really breathtaking stuff. Vampire Weekend’s Contra is good alright, but let me advise you, if you're looking for the tropical horizon, Rita has it.

Alabio Alabao. This is our no guts no glory pick. We have yet to hear any songs or even know what’s it about or even its genre, but we’re in the lookout because it’s the project of Elias Marcos, one of the members (and kind of leader) of En Ventura.

Carla Morrison. So far, her plan is to finish a second EP, but judging from the demos (that we can’t stop playing) and a radiant track we heard produced by Natalia Lafourcade, we’re thinking someone could show up and pick up what’s clearly one of the faces of 2010.

Ceci Bastida. Veo La Marea. She’s got one of the most attractive voices in pop, and she’s taking good advantage of it. “Controlar” was probably the sleeper hit of the year for us, a song we grew so attached to it that it almost reached our Top 10. And, have you heard “Como Soy”? It’s brilliant.

El Guincho. It had been rumored that Pablo Diaz-Reixa would be back this year with another album with his band Coconot, but his second solo LP is a much solid bet. I gave Alegranza! a very abstract reading when it came out, and this past year I became quite obsessed with its hidden, dictating lyricism, try it!

Gepe. Audiovision. The guy who started the new wave of the Chilean song is coming back with a third album, and watch out, he’s saying he really owns it this time. As both Gepinto and Hungria (our #12 & #33 of the decade) transcend into the marvels they are, the new album brings all eyes on him. It’s said to have collaborations with Javiera Mena, Pedro Piedra, Jorge Gonzalez among others.

Javiera Mena. Four years after the release of her debut (and masterpiece), the Chilean darling is wrapping things up for that always difficult second album. We hear it’s got more dance tunes than the first one and some collaborations to get excited about. Reminder, this is the girl who delivered our best song of the decade + second favorite album of the de 00s, yes we're anxious to hear it.

Jóvenes y Sexys. This is sort of our wishful thinking, they have not announced an album yet but it’s about time! That Bruno EP was truly something, but they’ve managed to keep momentum all since, if they do, they just might be our choice for breakthrough band of 2010. Not that they’re entirely new but they could totally have a HelloSeahorse!-2009 kind of breakthrough.

Julieta Venegas. Otra Cosa. The always reliable Julieta is bringing a new one, enough to get excited already. She teamed up with Cachorro Lopez once again and co-wrote songs with Alejandro Sergi and Babasonicos’ Adrian Argelos. But what’s really moving us is to the post-MTV Unplugged album sounds, because it really felt like one of those changing events.

Lido Pimienta. Color EP. This should be out really soon, the first short release from the Colombian sensation, ok perhaps that’s a stretch, but at least a sensation among her colleagues. She’s got that undeniable flawless spark, she’s got the vision and the tools to frame herself into this year’s obligated listens.

Los Macuanos. Ritmo de Amor EP. They’re house favorites, how can we not be excited to hear the best new grupero act out there. It’s truly something, they do weddings and everything, and it’s quite a coincidence both of its members are named Moises!

María y José. Espiritu Invisible. Let’s say we’ve heard it, and we can’t stop listening to it. Two of its songs already reached our Top100 list, “La Tierra Sagrada” and “Ola de Calor”, but the whole thing is full of hits. If there’s something we are sure we’re going to be dancing to this year, this is it.

Mentira Mentira. This band is hot, really mind-blowing stuff. They have an EP circulating around the web (and it's fantastic) but we decided not to review it since they're recreating it properly through Nene Records.

Others: Campodonico, Chak, Choquibtown, Elaine, Esteman, She's a Tease, Torreblanca, Ulises Hadjis.