Mañaneros - "Cisco Router"

At this point it’s unclear to us whether Mañaneros are planning to ever release an EP or full-length, or if they’ll just be content with dropping puzzling tracks on SoundCloud until the platform becomes obsolete. Last year, “El Volcán” was the first tribal track to ever make it into a Fonogramáticos compilation, and, like CF's Adrián Mata Anaya said in his year-end blurb of it, "Chilean pop holds more tribes than we know of." Oh, and if you still aren’t familiar with any of the tracks these guys have put up so far, then go listen to “El Volcán” right now and, if you can, please send us a snapshot of your facial reaction. “Cisco Router,” the latest track to show up on the Chilean band's SoundCloud, sees them starting to expand their sonic palette beyond the indubitably weird, messy, and fucked up tribal and global bass of their initial tracks, thus showing off that they’re not content with being seen as the kids jumping on the dance du jour.

For someone who’s built most of his record/mp3 collection out of listening to bands playing guitars, the track feels like something out of Can’s Future Days had laptops been available and had they decided to record it during a memorable peyote-infused trip from Tijuana to Tierra del Fuego (I’ve obviously never taken peyote). Like most of Can, “Cisco Router” is popular and avant-garde, primal and progressive, 4/4 music and free-form music. More precisely, it’s some spacey shit dressed up in an indigenous outfit, capable of showing off the genre-hopping versatility of Tony Gallardo and the psych-prog ambition of Bam Bam. It actually puts Mañaneros in the oddly unusual place where all of our musical tastes meet, as if they’d somehow found the jarringly pleasant sweet spot where 3Ball MTY and Pegasvs finally meet.