Video: San Pedro El Cortez - "Por El Destino"

While San Pedro El Cortez has been around for some years now, my obsession for them has only recently started when my friend Meche (of Las Robertas) recommended them to me. (They were actually included in a mixtape back in 2010, but I must have missed its launch.) In this hallucinogenic clip directed by Paolo Zuñiga (Juan Cirerol, Marquez!), the band executes a proper play back performance for a dizzying confession of desamor. The lyrics show a disconcerting honesty, remaining faithful to their raw and hard-edged style. From the first few notes of "Por El Destino," it’s clear that the band doesn’t just come from Tijuana, they also apparently hail from various periods in the past, simultaneously channelling the rawness of the early ‘60s wild garage/surf and the heavy use of reverb and drones of ‘70s psych rock. "Por El Destino" effortlessly conveys the same vibe as the short and playful melodies of northern Mexico's rocanrol golden age, making us nostalgic for an unknown time.