Video: Jennifer Lopez - "Dance Again" (ft. Pitbull)

Jennifer Lopez’s new video for “Dance Again” is all about decadence. From the extravagant mansion setting to the anti-gravity acrobatics to (especially) the pile of half-naked anonymous bodies writhing on a marble floor and the shimmering body paint (anyone else get Marina and the Diamonds “I Am Not A Robot” vibes?). Visually, it’s some of Lopez’s best work. Even Pitbull’s requisite skeeviness doesn’t ruin it. “Dance Again” isn’t anything mind-blowing, but as a getting-back-on-my-feet/the dance floor song, it does the job, and you can bet that I will do the hands-in-the-air, this-is-my-jam move when it comes on at the club. Even though the song is pretty generic beats-wise and harmless melody-wise, when Lopez and her boo break it down with that seriously sexy dance routine…Damn. And the blindfolds bit! (Is it hot in here?) All I have to say is DO YOU JLO.