Korallreven - "Sa Sa Samoa" (Arca remix)

If you happen to frequently read any of the same influential online publications that we do, then chances are you’ve already run into a few pieces about some of the remixes for Swedish bedroom pop duo Korallreven’s “Sa Sa Samoa,” particularly Elite Gymnastics’ BNMed jungle-y remix. Mysterious Venezuela-via-New York producer Arca, whose debut EP, Barón Libre, seriously impressed us a couple of months ago, was part of the handful of artists who participated in the remixes that were included in the official “Sa Sa Samoa” single release on Acéphale Records.

While being an anonymous electronic producer will immediately have people misjudging you as inconsequentially trying to walk under Burial’s shadow, Arca’s remix of “Sa Sa Samoa” has enough crackle and ghostly voices in its first minute and a half that he’s going to be inevitably shelved as Burial-esque. But as the track later welcomes a drowned out uptempo breakbeat and some really heart-wrenching piano notes, Arca reveals himself again as the all-encompassing descriptor-elusive producer that he’s been so far. Here, he’s made, in less than five minutes, a tune that will haunt the night bus loners as much as the bedroom daydreamers.