Video: Arca - "Ass Swung Low"

With the release of the Stretch 1 EP, the producer behind Arca seems determined to keep his identity on a black canvas–perhaps his way to attain absolute freedom in an electronic field where entity seems to be more about wit than accommodation. After a mesmerizing initiation of space-less and loose-cannon minutes in Barón Libre (released earlier this year), and a pound-to-the-guts remix for Korallreven, the Venezuelan producer has released yet another dose of segmental hip hop. “Ass Swung Low” is the promotional cut off Arca’s latest EP, and it comes with a disturbing and sense-abducting clip by Jesse Kanda. All the cultivated mystery of the act works as Arca takes the role of a sinister ventriloquist (not to say demon right away). These are by far the scariest looking and acting kids since Jesus Camp.