Video: Violeta Castillo - "Afilados"

“Time will show us how Castillo’s artistry evolution will bloom,” I wrote in my review of Violeta Castillo’s wonderful EPs Uno & Otro. And time has demonstrated how this young songstress is walking a path to an even more prosperous road, thanks to her mesmerizing songwriting approach, which, based on Horizonte’s EP promo cut, “Afilados,” is acquiring a more proper, direct structure, one that reflects emotionally-grabbing immediacy and flirts with supremacy. Recorded for Chile’s Radio Horizonte in December of 2011, Horizonte finds Castillo one step ahead in her career sound-wise, accompanied by a full-band of exceptionally talented musicians. It includes choruses by Luciana Tagliapietra, recorded during the mixing of the EP, and consists of three essentials from Uno & Otro, in addition to two fantastic new songs that give us an idea of what’s coming next. There's the dazzling “La magia” and Castillo’s best single to date, “Afilados.” The bedroom rock, unabashed bittersweetness of this song is its main virtue. The omnipresence of those arousing electric guitar riffs, precise gleaming percussion, and Castillo’s comfortable vocals make you forget at times this is (although considerably post-produced) a live recording. Under Roberto Doveris’(responsible for Castillo’s “Alfiler” clip along director Nicolás Guzmán) accomplished realization, the video of “Afilados” attractively documents this radio presentation's standout.