Video: yiLet - "ENA"

A year after Adrianigual’s captivating video for “Me gusta la noche” was showcasing stirring dance music as an unusual lens for outlining decaying traditional downtown neighborhoods, director Romina Davis has taken Buenos Aires trio yiLet’s laid-back synth pop song “ENA” as a backdrop for handsomely framing three bored to death yet cool-looking women hanging out in front of monotonous shopping mall windows. Taken from the 2009 album Mensagem, at which time yiLet was merely the heavily Mena referential and lyrically intimate solo work of Marina La Grasta, this is the first time the band has ever been featured on the blog and that perhaps is due to the fact that, in Internet years, 2009 feels like a decade away from the time we started realizing how much Argentine indie pop was its own burgeoning entity made of uncountable netlabels. Succeeding as both eye candy indulgence and urban ennui critique, the video for “ENA” should be reason enough to expect good things from director Romina Davis’ future work, as well as yiLet’s eventual follow-up to Mensagem.