bbrainz - Internet Lust

bbrainz - Internet Lust
Independiente, Argentina
Rating: 77
by Stella Vásquez

Have you ever been in a fancy hotel elevator eating a strawberry ice-cream, dressed with your most beloved tropical shirt? Well probably the soundtrack to this scene will be made it by Argentine producer bbrainz. Hard not to think of his music as exotic and technologically decadent -traits of a good soundtrack to sext someone at midnight. The density and the convenience of the melodies, in a set of 13 songs, hook this LP into its own chillwave. There is melancholy in some parts that transport you to an empty dance floor with a disco ball spinning in the music space. Other digital bloomings like that of highlight track "Luxury" are perfect to undress your girlfriend.

Internet Lust feels like a slow dance that charms you with foreplay under a soft silk robe and pink lips, specially when listening to something as pristinely textured as "Atlantico." When dissecting the musical evolution of bbrainz (starting with his first release, WAVE), one special album that stands out is the interesting sonic proposal offered in Pizza ContigoFrom the cover featuring George Costanza, to the dysfunctional but very edgy titles that keep you in-rhythm, the album adds up to one very versatile graphic display. Internet Lust carries that wit of his past releases while pushing for a more mature scope like that of "Home Design" (selected on our Papasquiaro compilation) where you can experience an affinity for 80s-inspired chillwave and modern sounds. Where things change is in his artistic choice of keeping the same musical aesthetic while shaping an audiovisual pretentiousness (for good or bad) that somehow makes it more elegant.

The album cover is quite attractive too but a late-comer since it's a bit too Circa 2012. I guess I just find Costanza sexier on a daily basis. bbrainz's bandcamp shortlists the tags of genres the producer is seemingly working on. Something like... [experimental lo-fi] [chillwave] ]synthpop] [synthwave] and [vaporwave]. Sounds like the personality of a bipolar teen medicated with an open credit card. I was listening and reading about vaporwave, specifically about its claims of being postmodern. I almost fainted and start reading Proust right in that moment. It might be that these tags are the equivalent to sarcastic criticism toward a technological post-capitalist culture. Or it might just be that the creator is superficial and banal (which takes a lot of guts), which does not upset me at all. This is an album for intimate post-after-parties, when you meet someone's eyes picking up empty plastic cups, pizza boxes and losing sight in the beer foam left in the bottles. All while listening to the very fittingly devastation of "Late Delight." Just a bit too short on its individual parts to push for greatness, bbrainz sure is promising and utterly aspiring.