María y José - "Tormenta Tropical"

The trouble with doing something good from the beginning is that nobody appreciates how much it costs. Tony Gallardo is someone who has always believed in his own shit before everyone else. That non-hesitant spirit validates the principle of Gallardo as a DIY artist that’s unafraid to put himself in constant musical challenges. For better or worse, he’s worked so hard to afford that luxury of not needing to prove anything to anyone (not even himself). In a way, Gallardo shares a school of thought of fellow contemporary songwriter Cristóbal Briceño (Ases Falsos), in visualizing their very active contributions to music: “Aquel que nunca ha hecho nada quiere hacerme ver que todo es tan fácil de hacer.”

Making a last minute appearance on Papasquiaro, our latest compilation, Tony recorded “Tormenta Tropical” in just five hours. Knowing his preocupation with polishing and bolding his songs, we’re likely to hear a more finished version of the song on a future release –Gallardo has announced the idea of a split release featuring both of his projects, María y José and Tony Gallardo II. The track speaks for itself, a tropical percussion carried into a single-paced texture that perversely concludes in melodramatic echoes and defeat towards the end. “Tormenta Tropical” is less aggressive on ruidoson agency (if you can call this ruidoson at all) and more inclined towards scratching the surfaces of bedroom pop (a throwback to Espíritu Invisible). While the lyrics guide us through the topics of the song, even when removing the words one can feel an uncontrollable nostalgia and desire to move around.