DESERT - "Saps prou bé"

Since DESERT's captivating presentation at SXSW, we count the Barcelona duo's new material as among our most anticipated of the year. June 17th finally marks the release of their debut EP Envalira. New single "Saps prou bé" provides a slice of what we can expect from the four-song release. At a little over six minutes, the track is not exactly a flashy marker to signal their return, which as a result probably got passed over by more impatient listeners. Their loss. "Saps prou bé" is meditative, sure, but also all kinds of majestic. Like a chariot ride through an arid landscape at night. Bumps and clatters of percussion interlace as Cristina Checa's looped ah-oohs call out to the infinite. Who needs to be wowed? This already has us feeling some type of way. Pre-order the EP via Minty Fresh (US) and Buenritmo.