Video: Chancha Vía Circuito ft. Miriam García - "Coplita"

Some clips you just can’t wait to embed into your blog. Almost too beautiful to look at, the clip for Chancha Vía Circuito’s “Coplita” validates our interpretation of Canale’s spaceful music as folk magic. I once criticized the illustration of Río Arriba for being too catered to the Putumayo audience. Time has proven I was very wrong about that. These illustrations and animations by Paula Duró, featuring effects from Mariela Bond present a narration of folk as the source of mythological history and fantastical escapism. From the projection of a rainbow out of a woman’s heart, to the storyboards of families riding jaguars and dragons, this is a true feast for the eyes. This is the first release of Canales outside ZZK Records. Canale has instead, opten to fragment this release by region under the hands of Wonderwheel (US, Canada, Oceania), Crammed Discs (Europe & Asia), and Charco (Latin America).