Video: Planta Carnívora & Adrianigual - "Maracanaso"

Bling bling mundial. Quirky and unapologetically kitsch, “Maracanaso” raised eyebrows amongst our staff as we tried to figure out if it had an ounce of formality (realness) or if it was just an amateur attempt at connecting with the zeitgeist –yes, the World Cup. Either way, we couldn’t help ourselves and included the track in our recent Favorite Futbol Songs playlist (where we remind you this is a better song than anything on the official Word Cup soundtrack). Newcomer MC Planta Carnívora (kickass name and a revelation) and Adrianigual (nowadays a one-man band by Diego Adrian) show they meant real business by releasing a meta-sequenced, meta-juxtaposed clip that removes the disposable/serviceable purpose out of the track. As they describe it, it’s a song born out of “el dembow, el fútbol, el sexo en exceso y las dos mentes mas exacerbadas de Santiago.” Without undermining its witty, deliciously sarcastic spirit “Maracanaso” (free download here) sure makes for better entertainment and Chilean pride than the very unfortunate and drowned-in-sentimentalism fútbol clip featuring the Chilean miners. Muy buenos pal reggaeton.