MP3: MKRNI - "Inercia"

If we were to take a poll on what’s the best summer jam to have come out of the last couple of years, “Humedad” would be near the top. But was that too much of a hit? This is perhaps, a stretched assumption, but MKRNI seems to have taken solid steps to departure from the bubble-gum streak of Jumper. By the second release, Playa Futuro (released in late 2011), the Chilean act rejected pop structure –making the music more interesting, but also more alienating. They went as far as trying to change their name into the more proper, Makaroni, showing signs that they were ready to get more serious. Neither the public nor the bloggers responded too warmly to such changes.

Elisita, Roman, and Marcelo are pushing forward. We’re glad they’ve kept the MKRNI name and even happier to see them negotiating with both, pop structure and personal vision, as shown on their latest single, “Inercia.” The track starts with menacing dreamwaves dictating the melody. As the song progresses, we find that those epic synths are actually the chorus of this song –if there’s a chorus at all. Slow-paced and responding to its own echos, “Inercia” is a lovely and immaculate gem. Getting closer to what we’ve heard from Granit and Marineros than their past tropical affairs, MKRNI’s newfound introspection is surely promising. Download the track via the Soundcloud player below.