Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MP3: Furland - "Faladó Falá"

The last few lines in our review of Furland’s gorgeous 2009 album, Historia de la Luz, spoke of the album as the band’s “first step toward greateness.” It’s been almost two years since its release and it’s time for a progress report. Their brand new single “Faladó Falá” is not only a big thumbs up, it's also a reaffirmation of our optimism toward the band’s future. Here they sound more muscular than ever before, almost stepping in Astro and Bam Bam territory. Furland has yet to specify if this is the leading single of their new album, but either way it’s pretty great. Sergio Silva has such a clear-minded approach to blending countryside folk with technological environments, and it’s this craftsmanship of light and space that makes “Faladó Falá” sound colossal. Perhaps Furland is treating this single as a transitional piece, and if that’s the case, we better get ready for a landscape of cosmic dust, electronic wisdom, and bouncing banjos.

♫♫♫ "Faladó Falá"


  1. Jean-Stephane BeriotAugust 30, 2011 at 1:47 PM

    UFF this is really good. Let's never underestimate Furland, dudes are often quiet, but always good.

  2. This song is nice. Was digging through The Hype Machine and I actually found myself saying, is this fucking MGMT? Did they finally make an awesome song? Then I realized it wasn't even in English.

  3. esto esta mui bueno yeaaaaa

  4. Me gustó, sinceramente, tiene buen sonido, pero no entendí muy bien la letra, eso aveces me frustra :)