Featured: Roman S & Mamacita - "Tu Amor"

Feature: Roman S & Mamacita - "Tu Amor"

Independiente, Chile

| by Andrew Casillas

Over the last few months, our staff has developed a certain fondness for Grade A Chilean badasses Mamacita and Roman S. After dominating our headspaces with various one-off singles, Fonogramaticos submissions, and half-done collaborations, they've stepped it up with an epic cover of Jamie Principle's venerable "Your Love." And, believe me, it's everything your imagination thought it would be.

While the production doesn't stray too far from the original, it's not exactly a straight lift either. Roman S elevates the ceiling and pronounces every single crevice in sight--the synth-bass alone sounds like it's been filtered through six shades of Italo disco concentrate. Mamacita, on the other hand, absolutely kills it, playing up the "Disco Queen for the People" image she's cultivated over the past year into something that bleeds through her vocal chords. Will anyone who's heard and loved the original immediately jump ship and declare this the definitive take on this Chicago house staple? Hell no. Is this song better than "No Eres Tu" or "Your Voice?" Probably not. Is this song big and shiny enough for your summer party? Fuck and yes.

♫♫♫ "Tu Amor"