MP3: Fernanda Ulibarri - "Corro"

“Fair Mexican brunette with lots of hair.” Gorgeous L.A.-based singer Fernanda Ulibarri (from Uli and The Gringos) does a great job describing her image but is not as savvy with first impressions. Or at least that’s what we’ve come to realize upon listening to her stirring new single, “Corro.” For several months she’s been promoting the wrong single (“Se Satura Mi Cabeza”), when she should’ve spent the time making a hit out of her much more inspiring and overall lovely second single. While there was nothing really unpleasant about the leading track, it was a bit forgettable. “Corro,” on the other hand, is a blessing of clean-cut harmonies marching toward a brimming paradise. If “Corro” was a piece of clothing, it would be part of one of the Adidas Sportswear collections; it’s agile, chic, and unrestrictive of movement. This is a truly exciting cut off of Ulibarri's forthcoming debut album, átOma, out under Cosmica Records in October.

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