quieroStar - "Efecto Espejo"

As soon as the video for “Efecto Espejo” opens with a close-up of a pair of lucite heels, you know it’s going to be all about the wardrobe. The camera pans up to reveal white lace tights, a beaded pink leotard with serious shoulder pads (you have to be serious about your shoulder pads), glitzy jewelry, and a glam blonde wig to complete a mannequin on rotating display look that’s closer to Nicki Minaj’s idea of Barbie (if she existed in a John Hughes movie) than Mattel’s. In this saga of waiting by the phone, directed by Nicolás Astorga, quieroStar’s version of Barbz waits longingly but patiently for her man to call, a reflection of the song’s instrumental urgency paired with serene vocals. When the call finally does come, and it’s bad news, our protagonist goes into mourning (in a pink lace veil, of course). Here, the aesthetics veer into Madonna territory, and a strangely heartbreaking alone at the altar scene quickly follows. Though love could not be realized, the song’s chorus suggests that just looking in the mirror will bring our heroine’s love back because she is a reflection of him and the love that they had for one another. (Awww.) But even in the presence of a story as dramatic as the one in this video, all I really care about are the various pink and white leotard ensembles. And that flawless manicure.