Video: Disco Ruido - "Morfeo"

For their latest video, “Morfeo,” Mexico’s quartz-pop advancers, Disco Ruido, have recruited the sharp eye of novel filmmaker Humberto Hinojosa. This is the third promotional cut off of Disco Ruido's debut album, Sistema Solar. Like in his opera prima, Oveja Negra, Hinojosa mingles architectural density with subtle touches of nu-realism in this captivating clip. Framed in super widescreen and shot at Mexico City’s abandoned art deco cinema, Cine Opera, the video has some of the most impressive dystopian aesthetics we’ve seen in a while. There are plenty of mythological references in here to think this is a song about Morpheus, the Greek god of dreams, but also many hints to think of The Matrix’s character, as the song centers around the acknowledgement of the fourth wall. Disco Ruido recently unveiled a four-track maxi-single featuring remixes of “Morfeo” and “Amorfos” by She’s a Tease, Yamil Rezc, and others. Download it for free HERE.