Featured: Neon Indian - "Polish Girl"

Featured: Neon Indian - "Polish Girl"

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It seems like Alan Palomo took a few marketing courses over the summer. Or maybe he just found savvier consulters. The promotional path toward the release of Era Extraña has been splendid at resolving past ghosts and brilliant at keeping momentum. Two years ago, the success story of Palomo as a major figure in indie music started in the Gorilla vs. Bear platform, and Psychic Chasms went on to receive a BNM tag from Pitchfork. Neon Indian followed his debut’s success with a series of actions that made fans question his credibility, especially for his carbonated sponsorship deal with Mountain Dew.

Era Extraña brings him back to humble conditions, keeping bloggers busier than usual. When “Fallout” hit the web last week there was Neon Indian fever on every corner, but some of us missed the spacey catchiness of earlier Neon Indian singles. New song “Polish Girl” has a spellbinding entrance, middle section and finale, enough to give M83's "Midnight City" a run for its money as far as summer hits go. It also brings the bounciness back into Palomo's nostalgic spectrum. Except for that truly unfortunate album cover, everything else about this album is looking beyond promising. This song in particular shows the synth-groove stylist working under a more polished soundscape, keeping his vision bursting in chillwave wisdom and crescendos.

♫♫♫ "Polish Girl"


  1. I have to admit, Sleep Paralysist was a great song, and if an independent artist wants to reach a broader audience, he has to seek the means to do so. Those who cry "sellout" when an artist maintains his vision, but gets a leg up from a sponsor or signs to a larger label is unfair.

    I've already bought my copy of Era Extraña in advance, and as a fan, I hope he finds success AND maintains his artistic integrity.

    We can all only hope that our favorite artists reach a wider audience for the same reasons that we love them: Their commitment to making good music.

    Let's try to make 2012 the year of latin alternative/indie by creating buzz, blogging the good news, sharing with others via mix cd parties, and hoping they find success!

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