MP3: Roman S - "La Hora de Bailar"

Born from a jam session with Alejandro Paz, “La Hora de Bailar” is what the folks at Discos Pegaos call a “hedonistic dance statement.” And they’re absolutely right. It’s all about unapologetically giving in to the pleasure of dance. In his version of the song, our new Chilean boyfriend, Roman S, makes sure that everyone is dancing. The track begins with early morning sounds, the kind you hear when you’ve been partying all night and finally stumble home as the sun rises. And dancing until morning is exactly what the song wants you to do. Listening to it you take the all-night trip with Roman S in less than eight minutes. First you ease in with the subdued percussion and pseudo-slow mo provocative bass, then you amp things up with the spacey, jittery synths, then the alluring repetition of “es hora de bailar” seals the deal, and you’re not leaving the dance floor until dawn.