Fonocast #3: We ♥ the '90s

Fonocast #3: We ♥ the '90s
by Blanca Méndez & Andrew Casillas

Maybe it’s the onset of adulthood and the fear of growing up that has our generation pining for the ‘90s, but there is a serious market for ‘90s nostalgia right now. There are people buying Tamagotchis and Pokemon cards on eBay (I'm guilty of doing a few eBay searches myself, mainly for a purple Skip-It), rocking Dr. Martens, writing books about how Sassy was a life-changer (it really was!), and watching Clarissa Explains It All. We can go ahead and blame it all on Peter Pan syndrome, but, really, it was just an awesome decade. Maybe we're partial to the '90s because that's when our formative years happened and we have so many fond memories, but it’s hard not to want to go back, even if it’s only via a few pop culture relics. For us, the most priceless of those relics are the songs that we listened to. This podcast, which includes Ricky Martin, Zurdok, and Selena, is pretty much what we would assemble into one of those Now!-type compilations sold on TV. And you would totally buy it.

  • El General - "Tu Pum Pum" (UNIVERSAL MUSIC LATINO, PANAMA)
  • Big Pun feat. Fat Joe - "Still Not a Player"(LOUD RECORD, USA/PUERTO RICO)
  • Pandora - "La Usurpadora" (EMI MUSIC, MEXICO)
  • Jon Secada - "Otro Dia Mas Sin Verte" (CAPITOL RECORDS, CUBA)
  • Shakira - "Si Te Vas" (SONY MUSIC, COLOMBIA)
  • Caetano Veloso - "Cucurrucucu Paloma" (UNIVERSAL MUSIC LATINO, BRAZIL)
  • Marisa Monte - "Ao Meu Redor" (BLUE NOTE, BRAZIL)
  • Ricky Martin - "María" (SONY MUSIC, PUERTO RICO)
  • Selena - "Si Una Vez" (EMI LATIN, USA)
  • Gloria Trevi - "Pelo Suelto" (ARIOLA, MEXICO)