Video: Super Guachin - "Me Fume El Fichin"

Commodore 64 chiptunes, cumbia villera, and Tommy gun dubstep comprise the juicy premise of Argentine audiovisual duo Super Guachin. This pair of youngsters has a serious affair with '80s and '90s nostalgia and is literally encoding 8-bit integers into folk archetypes. With this caliber of embeddable intellect, the duo is making a fair attempt to fill generational gaps by referencing the application and cultural awareness of portable and game consoles in the modern man. Super Guachin is also the latest inductee in the ZZK Records catalog, with whom they will release their debut EP, Piratas y Fichines. Leading track “Me Fume El Fichin” shows just how evocative the duo is with programmable and interactive media, while letting everyone know they are also pop futurists. If you’re up for other examples of Nintendo nostalgia, we recommend you check out Pepepe’s jaw-dropping take on Banda Limon’s “Abeja Reina”and Los Sonoreños’ “La Cumbia de Mario Bros.”