Video + MP3: Astro - "Ciervos"

Following last year’s luminous debut, Le Disc de Astrou, the sensationally trippy Chilean songcrafters, Astro, return to amaze us with their joyous brand new single “Ciervos,” from the group’s first proper full-length, which is set to be released in the next months. One of the main references when speaking about Astro’s music has been MGMT and, while the similarities between both bands are kind of obvious, their songs certainly aren’t. If “Ciervos” is a hint about the album’s sound, Astro doesn't seem to be interested in exploring experimental waters within their second release. Instead they focus on reinforcing their already trademark gleaming compositions into a more stylish approach nuanced by pristine vocals.

The video for the track (directed by Oscar Wakeman) shows the band members as a sort of adoring deer tribe in a daydream environment where these mammals predominate. They wear animal skulls on their heads, run through the hills, ride horses, and enjoy themselves on small islands, while spraying their bodies with paint in an uplifting ritualistic celebration. It’s outstanding the scouting that was done for this clip; the beautiful scenarios, exquisite photography, and lovely shots of deer descending downhill work perfectly with the song. "Ciervos" is now available for free download below.

♫♫♫ "Ciervos"