Fonocast #4: Teenage Dream

Fonocast #4: Teenage Dream
by Blanca Méndez & Enrique Coyotzi

Whether you were class president or homecoming queen or editor of the yearbook or a band geek (alto sax section, hollerrrr) or a skater or a stoner or an activist or a nerd (shoutout U.I.L. Science Team!) or just trying to get by without drawing too much attention to yourself, you were probably insufferable as a teenager. I’m kidding. Mostly. But, regardless of your background or state of mind, you likely went through many of the same experiences as your peers, no matter how different they may have seemed from you, because adolescence is all about exploring, trying new things to see what works for you. Of course this means a lot of trial and error, which often involves disappointment, disenchantment, heartbreak, and humiliation. And when you’re a teenager, these low points can seem abysmal, like the end of the world. (Can anyone do drama better than a teenager?) But you’re young and indestructible and you bounce back. You get drunk at a party, forget all about it, and move on to the next one. For this show, we’ve put together a selection of songs that speak to the teenager in all of us by artists like Dënver, Piyama Party, Belinda, and Erick Rincon. And for those of you still in your teen years, enjoy them before you get old and boring like the rest of us.

  • Los Espíritus - "Pacifico-Atlántico" (INDEPENDIENTE, COLOMBIA/MEXICO)
  • Dënver - "Diane Keaton" (CAZADOR, CHILE)
  • Klaus & Kinski - "Mamá, no quiero ir al colegio" (ACUARELA, SPAIN)
  • Los Super Elegantes - "O.K." (INDEPENDIENTE, USA)
  • Piyama Party - "Fan de Carcass" (INDEPENDIENTE, MEXICO)
  • Mickey Mickey Rourke - "Satanic Youth Brigade" (INDEPENDIENTE, USA)
  • Flans - "No Controles" (UNIVERSAL MUSIC, MEXICO)
  • Yuri - "Goma de Mascar" (WARNER MUSIC, MEXICO)
  • Belinda - "Bella Traición" (EMI TELEVISA, MEXICO)
  • Maniqui Lazer - "Dance Pills" (SOUND SISTER RECORDS, MEXICO)
  • Erick Rincon - "Todos a bailar" (MAD DECENT, MEXICO)
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene - "My Dilemma" (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS, USA)