Fonocast #4: Teenage Dream

Fonocast #4: Teenage Dream
by Blanca Méndez & Enrique Coyotzi

Whether you were class president or homecoming queen or editor of the yearbook or a band geek (alto sax section, hollerrrr) or a skater or a stoner or an activist or a nerd (shoutout U.I.L. Science Team!) or just trying to get by without drawing too much attention to yourself, you were probably insufferable as a teenager. I’m kidding. Mostly. But, regardless of your background or state of mind, you likely went through many of the same experiences as your peers, no matter how different they may have seemed from you, because adolescence is all about exploring, trying new things to see what works for you. Of course this means a lot of trial and error, which often involves disappointment, disenchantment, heartbreak, and humiliation. And when you’re a teenager, these low points can seem abysmal, like the end of the world. (Can anyone do drama better than a teenager?) But you’re young and indestructible and you bounce back. You get drunk at a party, forget all about it, and move on to the next one. For this show, we’ve put together a selection of songs that speak to the teenager in all of us by artists like Dënver, Piyama Party, Belinda, and Erick Rincon. And for those of you still in your teen years, enjoy them before you get old and boring like the rest of us.

  • Los Espíritus - "Pacifico-Atlántico" (INDEPENDIENTE, COLOMBIA/MEXICO)
  • Dënver - "Diane Keaton" (CAZADOR, CHILE)
  • Klaus & Kinski - "Mamá, no quiero ir al colegio" (ACUARELA, SPAIN)
  • Los Super Elegantes - "O.K." (INDEPENDIENTE, USA)
  • Piyama Party - "Fan de Carcass" (INDEPENDIENTE, MEXICO)
  • Mickey Mickey Rourke - "Satanic Youth Brigade" (INDEPENDIENTE, USA)
  • Flans - "No Controles" (UNIVERSAL MUSIC, MEXICO)
  • Yuri - "Goma de Mascar" (WARNER MUSIC, MEXICO)
  • Belinda - "Bella Traición" (EMI TELEVISA, MEXICO)
  • Maniqui Lazer - "Dance Pills" (SOUND SISTER RECORDS, MEXICO)
  • Erick Rincon - "Todos a bailar" (MAD DECENT, MEXICO)
  • Selena Gomez & The Scene - "My Dilemma" (HOLLYWOOD RECORDS, USA)


  1. "Y lo peor es que es con puros clichés"

    Está bien fine fine fine

  2. "Bella traicion" is the 2000s pop jam, for realz. And it was even nominated for the Latin Grammys... not saying that means something, but showing it was that big and great as business & pop art.

  3. Uno de mis temas favoritos también!

  4. Teenage % 90s mania hittin' this year really hard.

    Nice playlist.

  5. Belinda? Flans? Selena Gomez?

    jizz, horrible.

    All the other songs are great though.

  6. Sweet Jesus, "Bella Traición" is still fucking awesome.

  7. no es que yo sea mamon pero este track list no me gusta ...
    menos por incluir a Belinda, pero bueno, van a salir con sus cosas de que "ella hace lo que quiere y gana varos y tu ni eso looser de mierda" y asi, asi que mejor no digo nada pfff...


  8. Very good playlist and insights. Love these fonocast shows, so refreshing.

  9. oh god, sooo hipsters you don't even like belinda just in an ironic, one step ahead of everyone, right?......pleeaaase, cut the crap! she sucks, you know it. the whole point of your blog is to have a space where we can find/hear things we wouldn't in freakin' telerisa, we are grateful for that, please don't forget it.

  10. "Bella Traicion" is pretty awesome according to us.

    And no, that's not the point of having this blog at all, if it was, I would have shut it down long time ago.

    This is a pop blog, we don't discriminate on who it comes from as long as it's good, and it this time around it just happens to be a song by Belinda.


  11. Just now had a chance to listen to this Fonocast. You guys described those teenage years spot on! Great playlist.

    I will forever be an adolescent at heart <3

  12. judging by most of the content, I find it hard to believe that this is a pop blog...even when you guys review mainstream pop albums, there's a lot of distancing going on in the text -- you never really like it like it in the same way you like, say, Bam are always talking about these pop albums as relevant documents of the current state of broader cultural production, never simply as art. I think you are sort of aware of this and decided that the most coherent move is to start liking it for real. It's as if you are pretending to like Belinda as a way to stop pretending you didn't like her.......either way you (we) are forced to pretend....this is of course the thing you hate the most...but trying to solve this little dilemma by just saying "well, we think it's awesome" is a trap: why the hell showcase all this indie crap if it turns out raul velasco was spot on all along? As it should be obvious, I am a big fan of this page -- don't shut it down! hahaha. saludos.

  13. The only review in which I can maybe see someone getting the idea that we are "distancing" ourselves from mainstream pop is my recent Selena Gomez review. I approached that review as a commentary on Gomez as a Disney-made star and a prominent Latina in pop because that is what I was genuinely interested in discussing, not because I wanted to "distance" myself from her music. And, like I said in this podcast, after listening to the album some more, I honestly love it. At no point did we, as a blog, "decide" to start liking mainstream pop. When it comes to Belinda, we never "pretended" not to like her music, nor are we "pretending" to like her now. Our tastes are never strategic.

  14. paris hilton in a trucker hatSeptember 9, 2011 at 3:12 PM

    Interesting discussion. It has Bourdieu written all over it. Here a nice brief recap of his theory of taste:

  15. your picture of kids on mdma in the club was really flat and unprofessional. i hate your comments but the music is so good.... its really hard to stand it through, but in the end its worth it.