Video: Bigott - "Cannibal Dinner"

Our minuscule world of Iberoamerican pop is starting the week with the news of a fresh new album by Spanish crooner, heartthrob, and Renaissance troubadour, Bigott. The man with the infamous moustache and the dragging beard will be releasing his fifth album, The Orinal Soundtrack, later this year through Grabaciones en el Mar. Through the years we’ve been fascinated by Bigott’s nomadic sovereignty between his folksy coating and suburb kinship and, if his new single, “Cannibal Dinner,” is any indication of what’s coming up, we should start preparing ourselves for a moderate, yet noteworthy reformation in Bigott’s themes and melody lines. This is by far the most blissful track in the artist’s repertoire and, in a way, sounds like the sober continuation of "Sparkle Motion." This clip directed by Sergio Duce shows a wide range of people "getting physical." We once described Bigott’s artistic purpose as “the mini-examination of one-man’s carnal psyche,” and this new single fills that premise with astounding glory.