Video + MP3: Quiero Club - "Días Perfectos"

Quiero Club has not released any albums since their victorious attempt to redefine the soundscapes of the superglued continent they’ve baptized as Nueva América. Ever since, the band has kept momentum, releasing one knockout single after another, which they will be compiling in a four-track EP that will serve as an appetizer for their forthcoming third full-length album, to be released in the spring next year. The brand new single, “Días Perfectos,” is the first confirmed track on their new album and is also the last piece on their new EP comprised by the melodically eclectic “Qué Hacer En Caso De Oir Voces,” the immune system booster “Las Propiedades del Cobre,” and the generational gem “Música.” Among such good company, the new grooving single plays as a sentimentally blissful and almost devastating piece that captures our generation’s failed rehearsals with time management, and it has its vocal height with the punching, almost hopeful line, “yo aun despierto cada día.” Download the track free for the exchange of an email HERE.


  1. No se por que me acordé de Bombay de El Guincho o de esa artista viral que estuvo rolando en internet (por el maquillaje y varias situaciones en el bosque)

    Me agrada la cancion, ojalá los QC ya vayan sacando disquito nuevo, saludos Carlos!

  2. Perfecto para musicalizar un viaje de estos