Video + MP3: Adrianigual - "Arde Santiago"

When discussing Chilean pop we often talk about this generation as one that’s in full harmony with the zeitgeist, and that includes having a certain affinity for social and industrial awareness. Like last year’s coincidental parallelism between Javiera Mena’s Mena and the 12 trapped miners, Adrianigual’s youth-in-revolt themes in Éxito Mundial have found anthem function in Chile’s current movement toward educational reform. Éxito Mundial’s second single, “Arde Santiago,” is a heart-wrenching song about leaving Santiago behind, but one that wants you to run away from the flames while dancing. Like our very own Jean-Stephane Beriot wrote, “it’s a rejoice of the burning of the bridges allegory.”

Contrasting black and white sequences with glowing colorful counterparts (and inserting themselves in visual platforms from the '90s), the band hits the jackpot with yet another visual knockout directed by Paulina Giustianovich and Adrianigual’s Diego Adrian. The clip is reminiscent of the band’s very first video, “La Mistica Espiral,” in the way it constitutes pop music as a source of social and generational opium. As always, we find the duo wearing the coolest clothes and amongst an army of friends, with some of our favorite Chilean talents making cameos, including Mamacita, Alex Anwandter, and Valeria Jara.