Video: Anntona - "Arruino Todo Lo Que Encuentro"

Anntona, guitarist of Los Punsetes and responsible for one of the most gorgeous pop songs of our generation (“Tu Hueles Mejor”), will be releasing his third solo album later this month. Last time we immersed ourselves in the peculiar compositional spectrum of Anntona, we found ourselves baffled and disturbed. For starters, because we couldn’t believe someone could align an off-the-wall song like “Todo El Mundo Tiene Porno En Casa” with something as deeply moving as “Tu Hueles Mejor.” In some way or another, En La Cama Con Anntona was a key record that helped us to desensitize our implanted ideas of what pop voices should say and sound like.

“Arruino Todo Lo Que Encuentro” is the first single off Anntona’s new album, Grandes Males Remedios Regulares, under the always-reliable label Gramaciones Grabofónicas. This is definitely a departure from the semi-humorous, semi-provocative singles that have predominated his career in the past. It also shows Anntona’s sense of progressiveness gazing back into the ‘80s, as this song carries a sample from Martin Rev’s “Mari.” The video, directed by Ivan Rosenstock, is structured as a very bruised VHS tape that dates back to 1972. So, does Anntona honor his “I ruin everything I find” premise? Not here. This song is pretty awesome. But listen to his cover of Elvis Crespo’s “Suavemente” from two years ago and please, by all means, make your own conclusions.