Video: Neon Indian - "Polish Girl"

“In the dismal future, we’ll all be affixed to our respective wires and screens, dreaming about being virtually with the one that you love.” This is the hypothermic premise in Neon Indian’s new clip for the dazzling single, “Polish Girl.” In his review of the song (which is now open for download), Jean-Stephane Beriot referred to Neon Indian as a “synth-groove stylist,” and music video director Tim Nackashi not only agrees but also explodes Alan Palomo’s affliction for romanticizing synthetics. Whether it’s the video’s nonchalant production design or Palomo’s enormous eyes breaking the fourth wall, this dystopian and quite scary environment doesn’t seem as intimidating as those half-biological, half-mechanical cyborgs that threaten our future. Era Extraña is out now via Mom & Pop, and you’ve probably guessed it, but let us confirm, it sounds flat-out amazing on vinyl.