Featured: Kali Mutsa - "Tunupa"

Featured: Kali Mutsa - "Tunupa"

SHOCK, Chile

“They dubbed their daughter Kali Mutsa because they were devotees to Kali Sara, who according to legend is the daughter of Maria Magdalene, and Mutsa (“Cat” in Roman) because she had cat eyes according to the healer and violinist Sarah Tikuna.”

Diving into the majestic depths of Kali Mutsa means to give 3/4 of yourself away to a world of crafty rituals, afflicting gastronomical feasts, and powerhouse operas. The haunting project of Chilean telenovela star Celine Reymond appeared on this year’s list of Club Fonograma’s Bands to Watch, and she seems to have all the intentions of making our prediction a reality. Kali Mutsa is the kind of turmoil discovery that makes us stand up just to catch a glimpse of her musicalized acrobatics. We’ve been buzzing about Mutsa’s gypsy diva qualities and her retro-fetishist canvas for over a year and, while we would be more than happy to dwell on the character’s mystique, Kali Mutsa is ready to take the next step. Miami-based publisher/record label SHOCK Entertainment recently signed the project onto their roster and will soon release the artist’s first EP, Ambrolina.

Earlier this year, Kali Mutsa grabbed a spot on our compilation, Juventud Bruta, with her outstanding, lyrically-ecstatic track, “Tunupa.” Now as her first official single, the song has been reworked into an even more stunning number. The new version substitutes the demo’s program-based skeleton and reconditions the adventure with the warmth and romanticism of wooded instruments. “Tunupa” has acquired the sort of celestial plethora that can only be experienced by immersing your soul into the fragmented pupils of a black cat. A boundless, irresistible, and velvety single that should put Celine Reymond and Kali Mutsa on steady ground.

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